Find out about Santa Cruz County

Santa Cruz Coast
Miles of curving coastline. Rocky cliffs and natural bridges sculpted by time. Pristine stretches of sand and surf. Rolling hills and sunny meadows adorned with native oak and madrone. Ancient redwood forests alive with the mysterious scent of rich dark earth planted with wine producing vines. Mountain peaks rising boldly above the morning mist. Verdant valleys renowned for their bounty. World-class weather year round. Awe-inspiring views. And of course, the very special location of some very remarkable homes that are available for you to explore.

I am lucky to have been raised in the same community as my parents and grandparents, a community defined by such a strong and delightful sense of place. It is my goal that you discover all that Santa Cruz County has to offer.

Santa Cruz Association of Realtors Housing Foundation, SCAORHF.

Giving back to the Community!

I was looking for a way to incorporate my business and my desire to "give back" to the community. After attending the first fundraiser for the Santa Cruz Association of Realtors Housing Foundation, "A Taste of Santa Cruz", I knew this was the perfect way I could support a terrific cause. The Housing Foundation raises money for grants for first time low income home buyers. SCAORHF supports several programs within Santa Cruz County along with education and valuable information for Home buyers. In the years I have been a volunteer with SCAORHF, I have chaired the Fundraising committee, sat as both Co-Chair and Chair.